Vermont Mindfulness

Welcome to Vermont Mindfulness! 

You may already be trying to live with more mindful awareness, have a meditation practice, or be completely unsure about what mindfulness even is.  Maybe you’ve been reading about it; perhaps someone suggested meditation as a way to cope with stress; maybe you’re looking to deal with a challenge in your life; or you may want to offer a healthy break for your colleagues or employees.

Vermont Mindfulness aims to offer meaningful exploration into your innate capacity for compassion, clarity, and connection.  This adventure is often bolstered in community.  As a mindfulness meditation teacher, my goal is to create a safe, educational space for you to discover, through mindfulness practices and inquiry, the power of befriending yourself and seeing life as it really is.  Once we “see reality as it is,” we can act wisely to nourish ourselves and others.  

We can read about mindfulness or be told to be present…but when we practice mindfulness, we actually build the skills we need for robust mental health.  The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course is one of the educational, skill-building programs offered through Vermont Mindfulness.

Browse around.  See which of these mindfulness education sessions resonate with what you need to better care for your mind and body. 

“…I have come to see the cultivation of mindfulness as a radical act – a radical act of sanity, of self-compassion, and, ultimately, of love.” 
Jon Kabat – Zinn, PhD